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Never worry about your Diabetes Medication again

Diabetic Direct Rx is a pharmacy solution that delivers prescriptions and supplies right to your door.

What if I forget my Diabetes Meds?

Partner with a team of Pharmacists who specialize in diabetes. We know that keeping up with your diet and medication is no easy task. We work hard every day to help you lessen this burden. From medication delivery to med synchronization and dosage reminders, Diabetic Direct Rx positions every patient to live their healthiest life.

Limited Mobility

Forget Medications




Ryan Gurley, Pharm D

“As a hometown pharmacists, we have helped thousands of customers living with diabetes get the meds and equipment they need right to their door. But, our service doesn’t stop there. We make sure that the whole family is taken care of so they can live a healthier, worry-free life.”

Transfer your Prescriptions

Easily move your prescriptions from your current pharmacy to ours while still getting the same care and service that you deserve.

Pharmacist fills your order

After our med evaluation, our pharmacists fulfill your medications efficiently, correctly, and in a timely manner.

Delivered to your door

We ensure your medication delivery is correct, accurate, professional, and on time. Every time.

Integration with our Remote Monitoring

By using your individual Remote Patient Monitoring data, our pharmacists are able to provide precise medication recommendations to you and your doctor.

Diabetes shouldn’t mean you can’t live a healthy life.

Stop wondering if you are on the correct medications to treat your diabetes

Our specialized pharmacist are tasked with optimizing your drug therapy

Accurate, appropriate, and on time…every time

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