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Stop being turned down for Life Insurance because of Diabetes

Diabetic Direct Life is life insurance made specifically for Diabetes to get approved fast.

Diabetic Direct Is a life insurance product made specifically for those living with Diabetes.

No Medical Exam

Bypass Underwriting

Day 1 Coverage

Hi, I’m Dominique Wilkins

I am a Type 2 Diabetic. There are so many things to keep up with my condition that it can be overwhelming and frustrating. Diabetic Direct Care has helped me get my life back.

Fill out some medical history

Answer a few short questions and get approved for your life insurance

We specialize in Diabetic insurance, so do not worry. You will not be rejected because of pre-existing conditions.

We suggest a policy that works for you

We work with different budgets and different needs because we know you are unique.

With Diabetic Direct you don’t have to worry about long approval times. Once you have signed up, you’re covered.

Diabetes shouldn’t mean you can’t live a healthy life.

Stop worrying about whether you will qualify for life insurance

We specialize in serving people, like you

Enjoy the freedom of knowing Diabetic Direct has you covered

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